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Artist | Performer | Director 
Entrepreneur | Advocate

TERAYLE HILL is an American Actor, Producer, Rapper, and Entrepreneur. He was born in Los Angeles, California in 1994 and raised in Moreno Valley, California - before venturing over to Atlanta, Georgia where he and graduated from Clark Atlanta University in 2016 with a Bachelors of Arts - for Television and Film.

TODAY, you can find Terayle progressing on his journey toward a higher truth. He holds himself accountable to live by example and educate himself and others throughout his matriculation through life. He is a strong advocate for mental health awareness and has assisted in producing multiple mental health podcast and productions since 2017. He welcomes the opportunity to talk about his journey, and how he uses his love for the Arts to manage a healthy lifestyle and remain grounded.





Terayle has a passion for acting and has had the pleasure of working on various projects throughout the span of his career. To learn more about Terayle's acting click here to check out his past work on IMDB. Subscribe below for more to come.



Terayle recently partnered with Ivan Gaskin to launch the multi-media enterprise, Everybodies Inc. This multi-branch company consists of a free online network, music collective, film company, publishing company, apparel line, and a NFP.



Terayle received his Mass Media Arts degree, with a concentration in Television and Film from Clark Atlanta University. His latest short, “Novella” can be watched here. Reach out today to partner with Terayle on upcoming projects.



Terayle began rapping in 2010. He’s had the pleasure of writing music for television shows and movies such as “Step Up” and “Available Wife”, but recently he released his debut album titled, “Hyena”. Click here for more information.

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